As part of the educational and professional activities organized for young musicians aged between 17 and 26 years from the EU, in possession of the following musical study (Degree of first or second level – Certification of seventh music study course) issued by the Conservatory of Music, Music Academy,
IME – International Music Expo in Sanremo – Italy establishing the International Youth Symphony Orchestra.
Objectives of the orchestral training are:

  • The knowledge and deepening of the chamber and symphonic repertoire from the eighteenth Century to the twentieth Century,
  • Teach and pass on to young musicians the stylistic features of the musical language through an analytical study of the score,
  • Preparation and implementation of some Concerts programs (with soloist) that will be included in the cultural programming of the city.

The Symphony Orchestra group is as follows:

  • 2 Flutes (first with the obligation of Piccolo),
  • 2 Oboes, 2 Clarinets, 2 Bassoons, 2 Horns, 2 Trumpets 
  • 8 Violins I
  • 7 Violins II
  • 5 Violas
  • 4 Cellos
  • 2 Double basses
  • Percussion

Young instrumentalists participants will be selected through public hearings by a special commission, composed of Professors from the Conservatory of Music and Orchestral Professors.
Scholarships are provided for the best instrumentalists selected which will also hold some important solo performing.

The auditions for the selections will be held on December 16,17,18 in Sanremo (Italy) at the Auditorium of the State School “Italo Calvino” – Address : Via Volta, 101 Sanremo
starting from 10:00 am according to the schedule of the examination test that will be previously communicated to registered participants and posted at the Secretary’s Office.

At the end of the selections will be drawn up for each type of instrument a list: will be considered suitable all those that will bring a vote from 80 to 100/100.
Each candidate must perform a free choice program lasting not more than 15 minutes: the Commission can to stop the execution, or listen a part of the program presented.
IME will provide a piano accompanist to the participant candidate, allowing faculty to be accompanied by their trusted pianist.
At the end of the selections will be posted the list of suitable candidates who will be required to formalize its membership of the IME International Youth Symphony Orchestra.

For every year will be 4 main meetings Orchestra lasting one week each:

  • 1st meeting – January 2017
  • 2nd meeting – April 2017
  • 3rd meeting – July 2017
  • 4th meeting – October 2017

At each training meeting the International Youth Symphony Orchestra will make a Concert program with soloists that will be presented to the public and included in the Music Season program of the city with possible reply in the region in collaboration with organizations and Concerts Society.
At the end of each meeting IME will release the actual participants a legally recognized certificate proving the study and received training.

The best young musicians of the International Youth Symphony Orchestra IME, that will be distinguished by particular technical and musical talent will be reported to the Italian and European Concerts Society through media and social media.
The partecipants must submit an application for admission to the IME Secretary’s Office no later than December 13 by e-mail: or mailing to the following address:

Orchestra Sinfonica di Sanremo

International Youth Symphony Orchestra
Villa Zirio – Corso Cavallotti, 51
18038 Sanremo (IM) ITALY

using the form downloadable from site, enclosing:
Biography, copy of musical studies certification, a valid identity document.
Participants candidates at selection do not require any registration fee.
To suitable candidates of the International Youth Symphony Orchestra will be required for any meeting of study and training a participation fee of € 100.

The manager director of the project is Mr. Fabio Marra.

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