IME is a project of international cultural cooperation that values diversity and traditions as an opportunity for dialogue and exchanges.

It was established by a memorandum of understanding between the City of Sanremo, the Sanremo Symphony Orchestra Foundation and the Santa Cecilia Conservatory, the first Conservatory who joined the project. Under the patronage of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, with the involvement of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, embassies and Italian and foreign cultural institutes as well as corporate sponsors.


“Academic Campus of Music and Music Jobs”
Sanremo develops its artistic tradition becoming an “Academic Campus of Music and Music Jobs”, where young musicians from different areas of the planet are the protagonists of an international network of music.
The heart of IME’s content  are the Master Classes, intensive musical training program, for four genres of music, focused on the constant research and experimentation, innovation, and ethnic and multicultural influences.


Organizational format

  • Master Classes with traditional and experimental programs, with a section dedicated to basic training (Basic Classes) for hearers and rookies students;
  • multicultural events and exhibitions;
  • seminars, workshops, press conferences.


Create an international network of music in Sanremo, a meeting place between East and West, between Europe and the Mediterranean and offer:

  • the public the opportunity to attend the staging of their favorite genre;
  • artists and teachers to practice their musical artistic teaching;
  • professionals and the media the opportunity to work in a sector with enormous expressive and technological potential.


Program: Campus (Master and Basic Classes), Contest, Ime Music Fest.

Campus – divided into four sections of Master Classes, opened all year, dedicated to:

  • Opera: classical singing, vocal coaching, introduction to conducting the opera repertoire.
  • Classical repertoire (Symphonic, Solo and Chamber): wind instruments (woodwind and brass), strings (viola, violin, cello, double bass), harp, drums (percussions), orchestra conduction.
  • Jazz: from its origins to contemporary interpretations.
  • World Music & International Pop: ethnic, traditional, but also rock, funk, fusion, electonic and all the musical trends from abroad.

Contest – At the end of each Master Class musicians prepare the exhibition of the contest, competition at the end of course, opened to the public, that demonstrate how much the student learnt throughout the course.
Each contest is held at the Opera House of Sanremo Casino, in a spectacular setting that sees musicians of each Master Classes perform live, in their own kind of genre and in a final ensemble full of influences of other genres.
A jury formed by teachers picks the best talents of each Master Classes section.
The public votes on the network and helps to determine the final winner, who earns the right to be part of the IME International Youth Orchestras.

IME Music fest – Multicultural Festival with a week of events divided into four sections:

  • staging of an Opera,
  • concert of Symphonic Music,
  • concert and open mic of Jazz,
  • concerts and improvisations of World Music & International Pop.

The event will be attended by international artists from different genres and specializations as well as by teachers from the Conservatories and by the Sanremo Symphony Orchestra.

The final day of the IME Music Fest is dedicated to international solidarity. The artists of the previous days will perform in support of Red Cross and UNHCR.
The IME Music Fest will debut in August 2017.


The IME activities continue throughout the year, organized by the various Conservatories, other public Institutions as well as by teachers and musicians.


IME Music Fest sets up the Village, the exhibition space dedicated to the Partner Countries, sponsor companies, other exhibitors, the village children (with specialized staff).

Neighboring areas have workshops, press conferences, multi-ethnic dining areas, industry meetings, set up for the promotion of relations between Italian and foreign manufacturers of the various artistic and commercial business sectors invited.


Sharing Lab
The Laboratory is the contamination workshop of the Campus, the focal point where research and innovation happen. Every day, at the end of the lessons, teachers and pupils of different sections of the Master Classes meet in the evening sessions, which last two hours, to compare each other’s experiences, experimenting with harmonies, arrangements, unpublished fusions, producing projects related to music and all related art forms (cinema, theater, dance, visual and the fine arts).

Artistic Direction by Angelo Nuccio Gemma, in collaboration with Master Classes teachers.


Streaming and TV format
A specific television format is under construction, in addition to the IME WEB TV (for social networks and blogs and vlogs) already active.
Daily updates of images and content of each step of the program (lessons, meetings, related initiatives; open mic, flash mobs and musical performances in the usual or unusual places for music) opened to the public of the web, media, experts and record industry executives.


Technical structure
There’s a team that takes care of the live recording and/or the postponed showing of the experiences of the young musicians at the Sanremo Campus. They select informations and pictures from ENG crews and also from the smartphones of students and faculty.


Logistics and hospitality
With the “Artistic Residence” program, the organization seeks to have low-cost accommodation (standard residences with room for one, two or three students) and food (catering dedicated or affiliatedrestaurants).


Notes on the Master Classes
A lot of Master Classes, each one organized by specialists in each field.
The courses last a week or a part of a week, with classes of minimum 8/10 students, 4/6 hours of lessons per day and the final contest on Saturday.

Outside of the regular hours, a number of meetings with other local, national and foreign musical and artistic realities are provided.
Exchanges and fusions between each other’s experiences, open mic in historical places of the city or in the bars that offer live music.


Sanremo Symphony Orchestra Foundation
This foundation provides logistics for lessons and all related initiatives: classrooms, musical instruments, technologies, secretaries, offices and municipal organization, exhibition spaces for other Expo events, involvement of the realities of the territory. Depending on the programs and availability, the masters of the Sanremo Symphony Orchestra are expected to attend.


Criteria for participation – Fees for membership
Participation is opened to students enrolled in the Master Class with the payment of the participation fee (different for each course). This fee doesn’t include the “Artistic Residence” (room and board).
The subscription program takes place on the web, through the IME website (info: